Sri Krishna 2006


STARING: Srikanth, Venu, Gowri Mumjal, Bramhanandam

MUSIC: Sri Lekha

DIRECTOR: Vijayendra Prasad

PRODUCER: D Rama Naidu


Director Vijayendra Prasad, who was till now a writer, has made his debut as director with ‘Sri Krishna 2006’. He has choosen a short lovestory mixed with comedy for the movie. The director has failed to hold the story firmly. His selection of characters is fine.

Venkateshwarlu (Venu) is a rich man and is on the lookout for a bride. He falls for the charm of Indu (Gowri Munjal). But there is a rider to his proposal to his marriage with her. His grandma insists that he has to marry two girls and he will live longer if it is done so. When Indu agrees, Venky is about to marry another lass. Then enters Raju (Srikanth) who claims that Indu is his wife. The story takes a turn from hereimg166/2912/99lg0.jpg onwards. And how Venkateshwarlu manages to get back his lady love from Raju forms the rest of the story.

Srikanth did well in the limited role given to him. Venu did his best in the movie. His chemistry with Gowri Munjal is fine. Gowri Munjal looks beautiful on the screen. She did her role adequately. Ramya Krishna has got little to play. Brahmanandam and others have tried to evoke comedy. Music by Sreelekha is good. Direction and script are good upto some extent. The other technical aspects are okay.

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