Oka ‘V’ Chitram

Cast:    Pradeep Pinisetty, Vamsi, Madhushalini, Poonam Kaur, Pooja Bharati, Malishka, Tanikella Bharani
Direction:    Teja
Production:    Siri Media Pvt Ltd
Music:    Sri Murali


From here on, Teja nicely depicts the day-to-day life of these aspiring individuals, who donot understand the reality associated with the film industry but only see the glamor side of it. Balaram faces many insults before he can make it to his favorite star to narrate his story. There also he experiences only insult. Unable to bear this treatment from his hero itself, Balaram attempts suicide. He survives and get encouragement from his mother to make it big. The rest of the film is about how Balaram fought to make a movie with his favorite star and that too in one year.

This is the first film for most of the cast, especially the entire lead. Pradeep has lot of ease but he needs to improve. Same goes with Vamsi who played Santosh Babu in the film. Deepa, Madhu Shalini, and Pooja Bharati did not have much scope in the film. Thanikella Bharani, MS Narayana, Srinivasa Reddy did their roles to content. Though Telangana Sakuntala’s character is overdone, it is effective to some extent.img177/7361/tw1504bp8.jpg

Though the film reminds of Bowfinger and Mohan Lal’s Udayaanantaaaram at times, Teja did a good attempt in portraying the harsh reality existing with the aspiring individuals and the film industry. Dialogs penned by Teja are pretty impressive. The film runs in usual Teja’s style. Humor is knitted into the characters and it is a big plus. Vamsi and MS Narayana episodes also have satirical comedy. Having said that, Oka V Chitram has it’s own drawbacks too. The feel is missing somewhere and logic is left to air.

Songs are done nicely. Surgreeva song pictured in Vizag is presented in a different style. Music by Srimurali is good. Especially Chandramukhi song is composed well. Re-recording is done well too. Sandeep Reddy did a fine job with the camera. Editing by Shankar is very good.img519/4973/100dq3.jpg

Teja should be appreciated for his attempt with new cast and low budget film. Oka V Chitram will come as a relief for those who like Teja’s style of films given the fact that his recent films were not up to the mark.

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