Sriya Saran latest Interview

After a brief hiatus, Sriya Saran is all set to scorch the big screen with ‘Rowthiram’.

She’s the svelte actress who is known as much for her willowy dance moves as she is for her acting. Sriya Saran is back after a gap and is raring to go with ‘Rowthiram’.

“I fell in love with ‘Rowthiram’ when I read the script,” gushes an excited Sriya. “The story is about something you read in the papers but do nothing about. It is inspiring, yet full of love and romance, told in a beautiful way.”

Apparently, the story has traces of the life of debut director, Gokul. “He is a lawyer and the film is a slice of life. It is an honest perspective, with incidents pulled out from Gokul’s experiences. It’s an untold story and I couldn’t believe many of the instances, but the director said that they have all happened.”

Sriya plays a very believable girl-next-door who has to make a big decision in life.

“My dialogues are very hardhitting. My character is very well-etched. That’s why I couldn’t resist the script” she smiles.

About her co-star Jiiva she says, “He’s an intriguing actor, quiet, involved and intense who can chat one minute and get into character the next second!”

Talking about her second Hollywood project with Deepa Mehta, after ‘Cooking With Stella’, she says, “I cant reveal much about ‘Midnight’s Children, but I’m yet to meet someone who is as passionate about the language of film-making as Deepa. Her one ‘ok’ meant a lot to me on the sets.”

In between shoots, Sriya is busy with her six-month old venture, Sree Spa, in Mumbai, which is run fully by the visually-challenged. “I want to do more for their cause,” she says.

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