Star Wars in small screen!

Small screen is the last resort for all artists. It is a god sent boon to those artists who are having no ground in the big screen today. In the 55 television serials in Karnataka television world, thousands of people are earning their livelihood and big screen actors off late making foray in to small screen.

The channel bosses are hell bent on improving the TRP’s to please the advertisers. Among the television channels – Chandana (DD), Udaya TV, Udaya News, Ushe, U2, ETV Kannada, Suvarana News, Suvarana entertainment, Zee Kannada, Kasthuri the first Kannadiga television channel, Samay TV, Raj TV – one or the other Kannada film stars are prominently seen.

Off late stars like Sudeep, Shivarajakumar, Ramesh Aravind in addition Saikumar, Radhika Pandit are prominently seen in reality shows while super power star Puneeth Rajkumar is seen in advertisements like Mannapuram Gold and dress material ads. Saikumar, the dialogue king is anchoring a reality show in ETV Kannada.

The recent surprise is Shivarajkumar giving nod to ‘Naaniruvudhe Nimagaagi’ that is 20 plus episodes of one hour duration in Zee Kannada. In Suvarana channel Sudeep completed ‘Pyate Hudgir Halli Life’ while just begun is Radhika Pandit’s ‘Halli Hydha Pyatege Banda’.

The Kannada films of stars finding crushing defeat in the box office are also appearing in the small screen within one month of release in theatres. The producers are making use of the clause in the KFCC. The producers who have suffered in the box office on sympathy grounds are granted permission to telecast the film in the channels. The benefit for such producers is that they get some additional revenue from the channels for getting approvals for telecast.

According to Ramesh Aravind (his very recent film ‘Preetiyinda Ramesh’ was telecast in small screen) the method is good because the producers in sorrow get some additional revenue. The impact of such case Ramesh Aravind is not worried. He says getting back the revenue for the producer is important. The popular actors’ films coming very soon in the small screen would have adverse effect on their career yet Ramesh Aravind is not bothered. The audience would get to their mind that so films would appear in the small screen soon obviously decline in the theatre attendance is also not worrying factor says Ramesh Aravind.

Well made films would definitely run in the theatres and such films not appearing in small screen is also a confident matter Ramesh Aravind puts forth.

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