Sudeep digs at Ganesh

Actor, director and producer Sudeep takes an unnecessary dig at golden star Ganesh in one of his interviews recently.
When the question of comparison came up before Sudeep he could avoided it rather than taking a dig saying Ganesh is three and half feet and Darshan is six feet tall. ‘Munagru Male’ winning is not Ganesh win. It is the win of the technicians especially director and cameraman. Just because his photos appear huge the credit for success cannot only go to Ganesh.

Darshan is a long survivor. He has done many films that is nearing to 40 plus and his image is big in front of Ganesh said Sudeep once Darshan biter. In his interview further Sudeep talks high on the achievement of Vijay who is contemporary of Ganesh. Vijay came up from scratch. He is not hero material yet he is surviving with hard work replies Sudeep.

Comparison should not be made says Sudeep but how come he said all inconsequential things, is the question that arises.

Every department in Kannada cinema is talking about unity and there is cold war among the stars is evident from such interviews.

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