Super Dad’ Rajinikanth

The ‘Superstar’ of Tamil Cinema now reigns as the ‘Super Dad’. 42% of respondents in South India, who took the ‘My Daddy Strongest’ Poll, voted Rajnikant as the Most Admired Father in real life.

Big B received the highest number of votes (60.6%) among Bollywood fans across the country. The other famous celebrity fathers included Surya, Vikram, Ajit, Bhagyaraj & Madhavan. The poll was conducted on the occasion of Father’s Day and received responses from over 85000 people.

The Poll reveals that even today, veterans like Rajnikant & Big B are worshipped not just as the God’s of silver screen but also father figures in real life.

Female respondents who took the ‘My Daddy Strongest’ Poll have said that while choosing their life partner, they preferred someone who possessed the qualities that they saw in their father – primarily “more understanding”.

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