Suriya buys a bike

Guess why? To drop his daughter Diya at school. “She likes a lot riding a motorbike and because of her I have bought home a new two-wheeler. I drop her at school whenever I find time, of course by wearing a helmet,” says the ‘Bodhi Dharman’ of ‘7aum Arivu’.
Heaping laurels on his daughter, Suriya says, “Diya is so matured and she bonds very well with her younger brother Dev. The very first thing she does after coming back home from school is to search for Dev. Jyothika and I are gifted with Diya and Dev.”

The Sivakumars give so much importance to the two children at their home- Diya and Dev. It is a habit of the family to go out for dinner on Saturdays and these two little members decide where the elders should take them. “Yes they are the deciding authorities,” adds their uncle Karthi.

“Because, that’s how our dad celebrated three of us (he, Suriya and sister Brinda) and we are now doing the same to Diya and Dev. They are so cute and intelligent. Both share a great affection for each other and spending time with them is our important work at home,” he says.

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