Suriya’s super plans

Suriya is leaving no stone unturned to promote ‘Raththa Charithiram’, a film which he believes a milestone in his career. Along with director Ram Gopal Varma, the actor will visit theatres in Madurai and Coimbatore to add more to expectations.

And what more? He will hire a chartered flight for the purpose and shuttle between Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore on November 30, perhaps a first of its kind initiative in the history of Tamil cinema.

Suriya and RGV, who will reach Madurai by 11 am on Tuesday, will visit a cinema hall where they will interact with 300 chosen fans by a contest. And a special screening of an ‘exclusive trailer’ from ‘Raththa Charithiram’ will be held.

Then they will board the chartered flight to reach Coimbatore by 6.30 pm where they will interact with 300 selected fans again. And a special screening of trailer of the forthcoming film will be held here too.

Talking about ‘Raththa Charithiram’ in an interview on Sunday, Suriya said, “It was a script that Ram Gopal Varma had and was a unique one. I wanted to work with him for a long time and things just fell in place.”

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