The wait for Laden postponed in US

The release of Walkwater’s film Tere Bin Laden, directed by Abhishek Sharma, has been delayed in US due to an apprehension that it may raise some controversy over there. The name of the film has already been changed from Tere Bin Laden to just Tere Bin in Pakistan so that the sentiment of audience there is not hurt.

Talking about the concern, Pooja Shetty, producer of the movie, conveys the reason behind the delay. “We are going to release the movie in India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, and in some more western countries by 16th of this month. But we would release the movie in US after a month. We would like to observe the response of the movie in these countries first. If no untoward controversy pops up there, we would be glad to release the film in US.”

Even though it is a comedy film, what if the actual Laden watches it? Replying to this Abhishek Sharma, the director of the film, says, “As it is a comedy, even if the movie is watched by the actual Laden, he too will enjoy it and will not have any issues on it”. That will just be revealed only after the actual release of the movie. So don’t forget to watch Tere Bin Laden from July 16 onwards at your nearest theaters.

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