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Cast: Upendra, Raja, Priyamani
Direction: Priyadarshini Ram
Music: Manisharma



If the future of Priyadarshini Ram depends on Toss, the movie is not going to take him anywhere, except make him one more film older. Toss is a big let down coming form an educated adman who knows precisely what the viewers want, at least the city dwellers, but doesn’t give them that.

There are so many things Priyadarshini Ram tries to do differently in Toss. No not the title, it sounds more like Mass. He did bring a novelty to photography by making it murky. He did try to project Raja in a new avatar, with bulging biceps and a puffed up chest ready take on the baddies. He has given a lot of weightage to the female roles. But nothing works out to make the movie rise above crass mediocrity.

Toss has a good plot. Shivaji (Vinod Kumar) is a cop and he has a family friend who is also a cop. Shivaji gets involved in a bribe case in connection with spurious liquor sales thatimg256/7717/posterle9.jpg takes away hundred lives. He loses his job and commits suicide. His friend and his wife also lose their lives as they are made to drink spurious liquor forcibly.

But Neelkanth, the son of Shivaji’s friend, thinks it’s Shivaji who is responsible for the deaths of his parents. He grows up to be a vicious gangleader. Neelkanth is very protective about his blind sister (Priyamani). The things that keep him alive are the affection of his sister and the intention to avenge the death of his parents by killing Shivaji’s family including his son Parsuram (Raja). Parsuram grows up to be a young man who attempts to wipe out crime from the city. He solves crimes in his own street smart ways and charges a small self employment tax (SET) for his service. The commissioner of police (Suman) is impressed by Parsuram’s efforts as a social police. He employs him to solve a case and promises to provide a job in the police department after the completion of the task. The rest of the movie has to be seen.

One actor that comes out trumps in Toss is Upendra. He steals the show with a serious role loaded with dialogs. Clad in a black leather over-coat and aided by Priyadarhisni Ram’s baritone voice Upendra impresses. Raja looks great with huge biceps. His image gets the desired change in Toss.

Also it is worth mentioning here that Kamna Jethmalani gets two scenes, in addition to the numerous song sequences, to display her acting talents. She is endowed in that department well. Krishna Bhagwan is good at his perfectly timed comedies.img107/1660/tossrev1707073caj8.jpg

The problem is the director offers nothing new. The same fights, same absurd stunts, and the similar love angles devoid of depth make the movie very ordinary. What disappoints more is that Directors like Priyadarshini Ram with a background in advertising instead of showing something sensible are showing the same crap that the audience would love to avoid.

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