Thee Nagar


Cast: Karan, Udhayathara, Shanmugarajan
Direction: Thirumalai
Music: Jassie Gift



Amidst romantic entertainers making a beeline in Kollywood, debutant director Thirumalai has opted to go around college for Thee Nagar. Featuring Karan in the lead role, the movie revolves around an ex-college chairman and the travails he face after coming across a corrupt police officer.

Thirumalai has tried to glorify the power of students and has fairly succeeded in his attempt coming up with engrossing scenes. Karan as ex college chairman ‘Yamaha’ Murugan plays his part well. He looks at ease in stunt sequences. Unlike his previous films as hero – Kokki and Karruppasamy Kuthagaitharar, Karan is more active shaking his legs for peppy numbers in flashy costumes.

Malayalam actress Udhayathara fits the bill well as Karan’s ladylove. She gets enough opportunities on screen and has utilized them well. Shanmugarajan as menacing villain is adequate.

Yamaha Murugan (Karan) is a do-gooder, who commands respect from student’s community for his good deed as students chairman in a city college. Unable to find a lucrative job, he sets up a tea shop in front of the college from here he passed out. Life goes smooth for Murugan until he comes across a corrupt cop FIR Murthy (Shanmugarajan). Murugan is targeted for no fault of his by FIR Murthy. Nadhiya (Udhayathara), a girl next door falls for Murugan’s good conduct. Both develop romance. However a bloody duel between Murugan and Murthy brings a change in theimg411/1075/nagargx4.jpg former’s life. The rest is the battle between the two to assert their supremacy over one other that ends with a riveting climax.

The movie has a huge star cast which includes Kadhal Sukumar, Scissor Manohar, Meera Krishnan and Divya among others. Samiksha appears for an item number.

Cinematography by Suresh Devan deserves a special mention as the action scenes as captured in a gripping manner. Siva’s stunts should woo action-buffs.

Jassie Gift has come up with some peppy numbers and especially the song Neeyae En Saraya Theru is foot-tapping.

Karan has done full justice to his role and has shown remarkable improvement compared in terms of acting.

Director Thirumalai deserves credit for coming up with a movie that is fairly engaging.

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