TV actor Ronit Roy arrested for rash driving

Television actor Ronit Roy became the latest addition to the list of celebrities involved in rash and negligent driving when he was arrested for ramming his Mercedes into another car during early morning hours on Thursday.

Out of the four accident victims two are severely injured and undergoing treatment including surgery, the vehicles has also been considerably damaged in the accident.

Sneha Darera, one of the accident victims, who has filed a complaint with the police at Amboli, said that Ronit’s car was at high speed when it collided with their car throwing her mother out of the car from the other side.

“My sister has sustained head injuries, my father’s back is hurt and in pain. My mother’s left arm has been dislocated, she also has suffered head and rib injuries,” said Darera.

Darera did not rule out the possibility of Roy being drunk during the incident.

Meanwhile Ronit Roy’s brother, Rohit who is also a TV actor tried to evade questions posed by the media and did not divulge any significant information.

“I don’t have a clear idea about things as no one is telling me anything clearly, we shall come to know in a while,” said Rohit.

As per latest reports, the actor has been released on a bail with a surety of rupees 12,000 by a local court.

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