Varun Sandesh to be called ‘Brostar’

In an industry where heroes are nomenclatured with prefixing titles like Megastar, Powerstar, Collection King, Superstar, Rebel star,Real star etc, the culture stopped in the recent past. Most young stars don’t have titles prefixing their names. Of the young breed of actors, Varun Sandesh seems to be the first one to get a title like that and it is ‘Brostar’.

At the audio launch of his latest film ‘Kudirithey Kappu Coffee’, attended by his friends Allari Naresh, Nani, Tanish, Sanjana et al, the actor was conferred this title because they claim he uses the word ‘Bro'(meaning brother) too many times in a sentence. Allari Naresh asked the film makers to use Brostar as the title to him in all the movie credits hereafter.

“Varun uses the word ‘bro’ too many times in a sentence and so we in our gang call him brostar.I guess he should be called so hereafter and it should be used in titles too” he said as he was supported by Nani and Tanish.

Let us wait and watch how seriously film makers will take this and if titles will have ‘brostar’ prefixing Varun’s name.

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