Cast: Sundar C, Prakash Raj, Gopika, Vivek, Santhanam, Sumithra, Thejashree
Direction: Badri
Production: Krishnamoorthy Vijayakumar, Sujatha Vijayakumar
Music: D Imman



It seems to be the season for films that portray the relationship between father and son. Recently released Kireedom also had the same theme and is a remake of a Malayalam film. But Veerappu is different from Kireedom, in the sense that it tells how a father should not be and how a son should not be but this film too is a remake from Malayalam. The roles are played by Prakash Raj and Sundar C.

After Sundar C decided to concentrate on acting he has got many film offers and is doing many films as a hero. This is his second film as hero, the first being Thalainagaram. Veerappu is the Tamil version of the Malayalam movie Spadigam with Mohanlal and Thilakan as father and son.

Veerappu is directed by debutant director Badri and he has seen to it that the film is liked by people of all sorts. The movie is produced by Sujatha Vijayakumar.

The story goes thus: Vedhakannu (Prakash Raj) is a strict, highly disciplined Maths Teacher of a High school. He is suchVeeraappu Movie Reviewh a teacher that he received the President’s medal in Mathematics.

The students get frightened seeing at him as he punishes them very severely and he would not even spare his son Pandi (Sundar C) if he had done any wrong when he was aimg406/3250/gopika1ut7.jpg student in his class.

Vedhakannu does not believe his son at all and he always points out his son for any wrong in the class. Because of this Pandi develops a hatred towards his father.

The main reason behind Vedhakannu being strict to his son is, his son is not good at Maths like him. But on the other hand Pandi is very much interested in electronic goods.

He is more creative and even makes a radio on his own which is appreciated by his mother and sister. But on the contrary Vedhakannu get irritated at it and destroys the radio.

He wants his son tVeeraappu Movie Review be an academic rather than an inventor and forces his son to bend to his wishes. But Pandi not able to concentrate on studies, fails in his exams and the life has something else in store left for him.

Till this, it is the flashback of Pandi. When Pandi is grownup he becomes a local dada and the police are in search of him. His father hates him than ever. But when Pandi sees Bharathy (Gopika), a teacher by profession, he feels that there is somebody to take care of him and he falls in love with her.

The end tells whether the father and son unite, whether they realize their mistakes and what happens to rowdy Pandi. Sundar C has come out with his best. As usual Prakash Raj has done his role well which sure demand acclaims.

Gopika though with little scope for performance is appealing. Vivek and Anju are there for comedy and they have come out successfully. Imman is the music director. Some of the songs are good to hear.

Overall Veerappu is a good entertainer with all the commercial elements in it and one can watch the movie with his family.

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