img180/8701/veraril4.jpgDirector: A S Ravikumar Chowdhury

Producer: Ambika Krishna and Ambika Ramanjaneyulu

Cast: BalaKrishna, Sada, Tanushree Dutta, Shayaji Shinde, Prakash Raj, Rajan Dev, Ramaprabha, Brahmanandam, VenuMadhav, Kovai Sarala


The male actors with Nandamuri lineage exude unquestionable machismo. But machismo alone is not going to ensure a movie becoming worth watching. Even good songs like ‘munch ki aina, punch ki aina’ cannot endear Veerabhadra to audiences who are literate. Veerabhadra is a movie for the masses who have IQ levels below 2.5. If you are educated and can read this review, you wouldn’t want to see Veerabhadra. The quality of the movie lies in the quality of the wig that Balakrishna wears. Synthetic, loud and lacking method is what Veerabhadra stands for.

The filmmakers have catered to the masses unashamedly, knowing fully well that if the movie goes down well with them then they get their returns. Praising the strength of the masses, using their lingo and of course tossing reasoning to the wind, Veerabhadra attempts to capitalize on family sentiment. While the attempt at glorifying family values is commendable, what’s unpalatable is: the absolute dramatization of each and every scene. You are conscious every moment while watching the movie that you are in a theatre watching a drama on celluloid. Veerabhadra is strongly recommended for people who would like to have a good laugh at the theatrics of Balakrishna or people who like to learn exemplary family values.


In Veerabhadra the hero and heroine sing songs simply because there need to be songs at certain intervals in the movie. The hero is more powerful because he out-shouts the villains. The villains commit crimes that have not been committed so far and unheard of, like sub inspectors shooting a DCP of police in his office in the police head quarters and no one even bothers to find out what the gun firings are about. We knew till now that things happen in movies, which are a little absurd sometimes. But in Veerabhadra anything happens.

Some of the dance movements are quite quixotic. Balakrishna tries to be hip by wearing trendy clothes but the sense of decent dressing eludes him.

All said and done the movie is about a man who can give his life for his sister and family. Working class people who would not dwell much whether things shown in the movie are absurd or not would love it. Who cares if the IG of police kills three constables in front of a dozen people simply because they were on the payroll of the hero’ It’s a Balayya movie after all.img180/5793/veerabhadra1tp9.jpg

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