Premante Inthe


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Cast:Navadeep, Poonam Bajwa, Rupali, Sarath Babu, Naresh, Aiswarya, Brahmaji, Jackie, Satya Krishnan, Annapurna, Surya, Ali, Dharmavarapu, Venu Madhav, Chitram Seenu, Hari Krishna

Direction:Ramana BV

Production:Sravanti Ravi Kishore


Veeru (Navdeep), though drawn towards Lizi (Roopali) cannot express his love for her. Under severe pressure from his Hitler like father Narasimha Rao (Sharath Babu) who wants him to marry Pavani (Poonam), he goes to see her. When the opportunity comes his way to talk to her alone, he tells her that he has come to see her under his father’s compulsion and that his heart is really is with Lizi. Pavani is very understanding and his honesty impresses her. Veeru is equally impressed by Pavani’s frankness.

Pavani and Veeru become very good friends. This misleads their people into thinking that the young couple are willing to be married to each other. When the fact is known, however, the elders of the two families turn bitter enemies to each other. This doesn’t in any way affect Pavani and Veeru’s real friendship. Veeru introduces Pavani to Lizi. Pavani’s only interest now is to unite Veeru and Lizi. In her attempt to see them together, she plans a pleasure trip to Vizag.img241/4998/premanth1504061tw2.jpg

During the weeklong trip, ironically, Pavani, in spite of herself, becomes closer to, and more intimate than Lizi with Veeru. Veeru fails to get an opportunity to reveal his love for Lizi. The main twist in the movie lies in Pavani gradually taking Lizi’s place in Veeru’s heart, though Veeru is not yet sure whether he still loves Lizi. In the meantime, however, Lizi through friends comes to know that Veeru, though in love with her, has not expressed his love for her. She tries to verify it with Veeru, who, to her repeated, ‘Is it true? Is it true?’ just says, ‘Yes,’ in a state of confusion but without meaning it seriously. By then his friendship for Pavani has taken the form of love.

Caught in the tangle of his not being able to tell Pavani of his growing love, and his loss of interest in Lizi, Veeru is unable to handle the situation. In his confused state, he makes mistake after mistake, and goes on telling one more lie each time, to cover the earlier lie. He finds himself sandwiched between the two conflicting forces – his growing love for Pavani and his decreasing interest in Lizi. How does all this end? Does Pavani secure Veeru? Does Lizi succeed in getting back Veeru? This suspenseful part of the movie forms its gripping climax.

Standards Of Making And Taking: The movie is Sravanthi Ravikishore’s Telugu remake of the not so successful Hindi movie, ‘Socha Na Tha.’ Undoubtedly a talented director can always turn a weak story into a good movie. With this in view, one can say that director BV Ramana’s deft handling of the theme, his presentation of it and his weaving of the sequences into a convincing movie are simply superb. The mental torture a director undergoes in their attempt to turn a weak theme into a great movie can only be imagined, but not expressed. With all their ability to visualize the outcome of a venture, the producer and the director can never have a clear idea of the success or failure of their attempts until the release of the movie. Every shot of ‘Premante Inthe,’ however, reveals the confidence and craftsmanship of the director.

A good number of young men and women are confused, and do not understand the difference between love, mere liking, infatuation and friendship. The movie attempts to show that there is a clear difference among them. Ramana has certainly succeeded in projecting clearly the state of confusion in which Veeru finds himself with regard to these feelings. The film gets off to a flying start with the director showing, as the movie opens, a number of visuals, supported by comedian Sunil’s commentary in OB voice. Regarding the title of the movie, ‘Inte,’ or ‘Ante’ would have made no difference, as the title is in no way related to the story.img241/2187/premanth1504062vw6.jpg

The vacuum in the second half contrasts with the rush of action and entertainment in the first half. The comedy track involving Dharmavarapu, Venu Madhav, Jenny and Ananth with their super specialty hospital episode has clicked very effectively and provides real entertainment. There are many twists and turns in the movie, but there are also certain loose ends. However, the loose ends in the movie do not reflect badly on the director’s talent or craft. A half an hour-long flow-down is certainly evident in the second half.

In spite of all this, one can’t but appreciate the sensitive and sensible nature of the movie. It stands out as yet another and latest example of the taste, manner of production and the individuality that are entirely producer Ravikishore’s own. The movie displays a style all his own.

A word about the artiste’s performances. Navdeep came out in flying colors in his sensitive portrayal of his role. He showed a very good understanding of the depth of the role around which the whole story revolves. He displayed the maturity that could earn him the compliment, ‘well done!’ Poonam has performed her role with absolute ease. Unfortunately Roopali is the wrong selection for Lizi’s role. The actors of the other roles have undoubtedly done justice to them.

Marudhuri Raja’s dialogues are full of humor and at the same time have depth when the context demands it. Koti’s music in re-recording doesn’t impress us so well as it does in his songs. Sirivennela’s lyrics and Hari Anumolu’s camera work deserve all praise.

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