Vishal admits delaying ‘Avan Ivan’

Avan IvanIn a gesture that will speak high of him, Vishal has confessed that the sole reason for the delay in completion of Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’ was no one but him.

Vishal plays a squint eyed character in the film. Before staring the film, he was looking for references to get into the skin of the character. But he could not find an actor in any of the world languages who had done a role with squint eye.

So it was all left to Vishal to do it perfectly. Vishal says with eyes skewed you cannot perform more than sight shots in a day. So the physical strain and emotional strain he experienced while doing the film delayed the completion.

But at the end of all Vishal feels privileged to have done a film like ‘Avan Ivan’. The film is expected to be a milestone film in Vishal’s career. ‘Avan Ivan’ is a Summer 2011 release.

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