Vivek Oberoi turns writer for ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’

It seems the current set of Bollywood actors are a multi-talented lot. Most of them can dance, sing, smile, but only some can act. However one thing is certain that if some actors don’t have films they would still manage a flourishing career. And it is because of their personal pursuits. Like Saif Ali Khan enjoys playing the guitar, Priyanka Chopra loves to sing, Neil Nitin Mukesh carries his camera everywhere he goes and Vivek Oberoi likes scribbling his thoughts. Actually poetry. Not many know that the Rakhta Charitra actor in his spare time gives words to his feelings. And he has a pretty good collection of poems. One day he was writing poems on the sets of his forthcoming film Zilla Ghaziabad. And Vivek’s hidden talent got revealed to the producer of his film and hopefully soon to his fans. An aide of the star says, “The film’s producer, Vinod Bachchan saw Vivek writing something. He got curious and asked him to show it to him. When he read Vivek’s poems he just loved it. So he suggested using it in the film.” But since the poems are a little personal, Oberoi junior was a little reluctant to make it public, but finally gave in to the producer’s demand. However, right now they are not sure how Vivek’s personal collection of poems will be incorporated in the film. It could either be made into songs or dialogues of the film. If that happens, Vivek can write his own scripts in case filmmakers stop approaching him!

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