Why is Katrina Kaif wearing ‘maang mein sindoor’?

We spotted the gorgeous babe at a special screening of Ek Tha Tiger with Salman Khan and we could not ignore the laal teeka Kat was wearing in her hair parting

Now this picture has left us stunned! Katrina Kaif attended the special screening of her recently released film Ek Tha Tiger with ex-flame Salman Khan. While most people present at the event had their eyes hooked on to the blockbuster Khan, we could not take our eyes off Katrina for a very special reason!

Kat turned up at the do in a simple white tee and denims, her skin glowing even without a hint of make-up. But what sparkled more than Kat and Bhai’s charming presence at this special do was the prominent red teeka firmly placed in Katrina’s maang.

Generally, in the Indian context and more so as per Hindu practice a woman wears red vermilion (or sindoor) in her hair parting when she is married. As far as we know, Kat is single and Sallu is just her good friend. The teeka seen in the picture is snugly placed at the very beginning of Kat’s hair parting and not in the center of her forehead – like it would be for a bindi.

Now this has left us confused. Is this a case of us looking too hard at a photograph and interpreting it in the wrong way, or have we just unearthed a well guarded secret that was waiting to spill out some day?

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