“With Shahrukh, the pressure is humungous” – Katrina Kaif


If one talks about big films and big starcast then there is Yash Chopra’s next with Shahrukh Khan, ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, which would lead from the front.

While the film has been in news on a weekly basis ever since it went on floors, the curiosity about watching it has reached gigantic proportions.

One can well expect the film’s leading lady Katrina Kaif too to be conscious about delivering her best, considering the fact that the film has quite a lot hanging on it and for audience too it would be the first ever cinematic experience of seeing her with Shahrukh.

After being in the industry for close to a decade already, isn’t it a big deal even for her to be sharing screen space with Shahrukh for the first time?

“Obviously you are very-very nervous in the beginning.

It isn’t easy not to be intimidated by Shahrukh’s presence even though he does all to charm you”, smiles Katrina, “I guess the only way to cope up with that is to remind yourself of the fact that you have done so many films, have been in the industry for long and are established.

You do gain good confidence with such positive thinking and I did the same. Of course Shahrukh comes with this huge experience but then well, there is always a start.”

She doesn’t deny the fact that she was in pressure to get it all perfect.

“Of course yes, in any case it is a huge thing to work with Shahrukh and the pressure is humungous. He is such a senior actor after all. Moreover there are lots of eyes looking at your film.

At the end of the day all you can do is go about it but yes, you can’t take off that thing from your mind that it is Shahrukh with whom you are being paired”, she elaborates further.

Now that the film is all set for 13th November release, we would love to see the results.

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