Yaradi Nee Mohini

yaradiBanner: R.K. Productions PVT. LTD.
Cast: Dhanush, Nayantara, Raguvaran, Karthick, Karunas, Mano Bala, Viswanathan
Direction: Mithran R. Jawahar

Production: Dr. K. Vimalageetha
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja




‘You guys going to work?” asks a distressed and unemployed Karunas – accompanied by Dhanush – to a few girls waiting in the bus station. There you have the quintessential Danush plot: a jobless youngman, his love-at-first-sight, a far from considerate and a subject-of-abuse father, and a love embroiled in an inconsiderate relationship. Yaaradi Nee Moghini is smartly packaged with everything inevitable in a Dhanush movie. With subdued emotions that hardly ever go overboard and in your face humor, director A. Jawahar gets everything right. Well, almost.
Dhanush is a happy go lucky guy desperately in search of a job despite his bare minimum qualifications. One of those job-search episodes makes him catch a glimpse of Nayan who works for a software company. Dhanush falls instantly in love and luck favors him to secure a job in the same company, much to his delight, in Nayan’s team.

While Dhanush nurtures his love for Nayan secretly, she turns a blind eye considering his lack of education and proper upbringing. And when he reveals his feelings, Nayan turns him down, further humiliating his father Raghuvaran, leading to death. Although secretly in love with Dhanush, Nayan, considering her orthodox Brahmin background, decides to be married to Karthick instead. The wedding has already been planned by her parents.yaradi However, in the end, she expresses her love to Dhanush the night before the wedding. Now it is for Dhanush to decide whether to accept the love that cost him so dearly or to turn his back and pretend to lead a normal life.

Dhanush has immense scope in a role that is tailor-made for him and he pulls it off with consummate ease. Be it as a distraught jobless youngster or a love struck man craving for the impassive dream girl, the job couldn’t have fit anyone else this well. Nayan dispels her bombshell act and proves that she can more than just that. She breaks into tears when needed, shows vicious contempt when rubbed the wrong way in the name of love, and looks endearing in songs.

Raghuvaran’s performance deserves a standing ovation and is a proof of how magnificent an actor he was. Ironically, there are scenes in the movie that has Dhanush perform Raghu’s last rituals that will reduce a viewer to tears.

Yaaradi nee mohini

The humor goes with the flow, and scenes like the whole family of a dozen’s trip to the textile shop in a single vehicle is sure to bring the house down. Karunas establishes that Dhanush brings the best out of him yet again. Remember Polladhavan? However, it is hard not to frown, and often sneer, at yaradithe dialogue since it has B & C center audience written all over it.

Director Jawahar has neatly packaged the movie with less melodrama that is surprisingly tad unusual for a movie that focuses on a love story of a girl hailing from an orthodox family. Yuvan’s rerecording breathes life into the movie. So do the songs. Three of them linger long after you have left the theatre. Special mention must be made of the item number performed by a desi Shakira in the train that averts folks from sneaking out of the halls for a smoke. Kudos to the cinematographer who has captured Australia’s vibrant landscape breathtakingly. Bhaskar’s editing helps keep up the pace of the movie.

If you do not mind the usage of crude language, especially between a father and a son, and the dialogues in general that seem a little bent towards a B and C center audience, you are in for a total treat in the Dhanush brand style.

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