Karuppasamy Kuthagaitharar



Director: Murthy
Music: Dheena

Tamil cinema is driven by sentiments. Recently, movies set around Madurai had been proving to be a huge success at the box office. Adding one more to the long list of movies with Madurai and its inimitable dialect, as the backdrop of Karuppasamy Kuthagaitharar. Karan, more confident than ever, carries the movies impressively on his broad shoulders.

Debutant Murthy has carefully captured the lifestyle and culture of Madurai in impressive details and the movie is attractive because it does not pretend to be village subject —- on the contrary, it really is.

A slimmed-down Karan handles the show very adroitly.

Playing the lead role, he a looks a typical ‘son of the soil’ mouthing typical Madurai slang. The director has carefully chosen the characters and all seem to have delivered the right goods.

In a nut shell, the movie is about a happy-go-lucky-youngster who strives to get a woman educated.

Karan, who generally tends to go over the top, has given a subtle performance. Coming good at stunt sequences too, Karan shows what confidence can do to do one’s performance.

Debutante Meenakshi has dream start to her career and shows enough promise to be saddled with bigger roles in future.

The movie is set around Xerox alias Karuppasamy (Karan), who takes on lease a cycle-stand near Madurai Central bus stand. He also runs a dance troupe that stages programmes in temple festivals (such troupes are in reality very famous in Madurai, the director has smartly spotted this aspect of the local culture). He along with his friends leads a carefree life until Meenakshi (Meenakshi) enters.

A medical student, she visits Karuppasamy’s cycle stand everyday. His caring words remind her of her mother, whom she loses in her childhood. She gets acquainted with Karuppasamy. Both fall in love but Karuppasamy is keen to ensure that she completes her studies.

Coming to know about their affair, Meenakshi’s family takes Karuppasamy to task.

On a promise that they would allow Meenakshi to continue her studies, Karuppasamy decides to forego his love. Did Meenakshi finish her academic career or not forms the climax.

Murthy has managed to capture the essence of Madurai culture well. But almost all characters speak in loud sentences. A separate comedy track by Vadivelu does evoke laughter. After a long gap, he has strived for a different kind of character (not the one being beaten up at all time).

If Kokki portrayed Karan in a serious role, Karuppasamy is totally different. He plays a happy-go-lucky youth who enjoys every bit of his life. Karan is very discerning in his emotions and in his ability to portray it.

Sakthi Kumar as Meenakshi’s brother is an apt choice.

Dheena has come up with some loud music. The title song towards the climax is very good.

On the flip side, the movie has lengthy sequences and needless songs.

But on the whole, Karuppasamy Kuthigatharar, hold your attention and is mercifully not pretentious.

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