‘3 Idiots’ launch ruined

CHENNAI: After directing the biggest blockbuster hit of Indian cinema, director Shankar is going through a tumultuous phase in his career.

While industry is abuzz that Vijay has opted out of Shankar’s Tamil remake of Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots due to differences between the actor and director regarding Vijay’s look in the film, the Telugu remake too seems to be on standing on shaky ground.

According to reports, Mahesh Babu is walking out of the Telugu remake of the project. Why? The reason that Mahesh Babu has given for opting out is that he will be unable to give bulk dates for the shooting. But word on the Tollystreet is that Mahesh was quite unhappy with Shankar’s casting choices. Turns out, Mahesh Babu didn’t want the director to pick any Tamil actors, something Shankar seems to have ignored.

Now, Shankar is in search for an apt replacement that will fit into Telugu and Tamil remakes.

As per the latest updates, Shankar is trying for Suriya for this bilingual. He is also considering Ajith Kumar in this role. Both Suriya and Ajith showed their keen interest to work with Shankar earlier, but it has to be seen if they take up a normal character that doesn’t have Shankar brand tagged to it.

Suriya and Ajith have their own commitments and let us see if one of them would breathe air into it or not.

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