Aakaasha Gange

What a pleasant treat for the family audience! With action packed films crashing one after the other the film like ‘Akasha Gange’ is outstanding for many notable aspects well narrated by Dinesh Baboo for the family audience.

The brilliant acting by Chaya Singh, balanced performance from Jayanthi, Komalkumar’s rib tickling comedy, the combination of music director Deva and Kalyan after ‘Amruthavarshini’ in the leadership of director Dinesh Baboo makes this film worth watching with no hassles.

Beena (Chaya Singh) and Sonu (Mithun Tejaswi) are in love from the college days. Beena is a Christian and that is the major handicap for her to marry Sonu.

Their friends at college give an idea to stay in Sonu’s house and win the heart of Gowramma (Jayanthi) the strict lady. Beena comes as Lakshmi a music teacher to this house on a two point program – to convince Gowraamma that she is the right girl for Sonu and win the heart of other family members besides teaching music for the children.

That is not easy because she has to abide by all the conditions of the family. She copes up everything in the reels to come. The feel good factor prevalent in the house obviously makes Sonu and Lakshmi to cross their limits. Lakshmi is pregnant in the family where Sonu’s sister is also pregnant. Lakshmi and Sonu again seek the help of their friends and abortion is the only measure they feel.

Lakshmi does not approve this and she decides to explain everything to Gowramma. Around this time Gowramma choice for a match to Sonu – Smitha a relative of this family declares that she is interested in higher education but not marriage irks Gowramma. Smitha has done so understanding the pure love between Sonu and Lakshmi.

In a fit of anger Gowramma announce Lakshmi is the proper girl to marry Sonu sends rejoicing moment in the lovers but the pregnancy before marriage is the most worrying factor now.

The children notice Lakshmi’s pregnancy leading to complications. In the absence of Gowramma this issue opens up and despite of Sonu begging for help, Lakshmi is sent out by eldest son of the family. Around this time Gowramma meets Lakshmi step mother and knows the past. She is moved with the orphan Lakshmi status in life. Things turn out as expected but the humanity and equality of all religion occupies the frontal position.

This is Chaya Singh’s yet another best performance. She speaks from her lovely eyes. Cool headed nature to tackle the situation is what liked by the girls of this genre. Mithun Tejaswi in a piquant situation scores in his role. Komalkumar is the real fun master, Jayanthi and Dharma give striking performance in this film.

This film with only two lovely singers Chitra and SPB created magic. Deva’s classical touch to the tunes is going to stay in the minds for a long. The songs Gange Gange….Kuhu Kogile….Manase Preethiya Manase…Malli Malli Minchina Balli…..are very melodious. Ravi Suverna’s catchy photography is yet another additional treat. This is an above average film for family audience.

Banner:    S.G.Entertainers
Cast:    Mithun, Chaya Singh Vanitha Vasu, Smitha, Komalkumar, Doddanna, Jayanthi and others.
Direction:    Dinesh Baboo
Production:    Sudhakar, Srinath and Prakash

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