For a simple story the narration style of first time director Nagashekar is splendid. He knows the pulse of golden star Ganesh audience and the film appears a repetition of ‘Mungaru Male’ with amends in the situations and circumstances. What is the delectable part of this film is director Nagashekar not wasting scenes. The editing of the film, cinematography, acting and music heightens the film with simple story. The film vouches for peace of mind and living together happily.

‘Aramane’ meaning palace is not with peace and harmony. This is the house of Rajashekar Urs (Ananthnag) an aged man who thought of marrying again after departure of his wife that cause deep agony to the three children. Condemning the attitude of Urs three children have walked out of the house 20 years ago. In these years Urs is in the company of a servant Basya in the house and his favorite is On the Rocks liquor.

Sickening about the developments in life the incessant boozer Urs finds a young energetic photographer Arun (Golden star Ganesh) when he comes to take pictures of him. For the rugged look of Urs it is Arun who repeats unknowingly what Urs wife used to tell. That touches Urs and on the advice of Arun he shaves his beard, comb his hair and look clean and tidy. In the second visit to ‘Aramane’ the interaction between Arun and Urs opens the gateway of sorrows of Urs. He takes promise from Arun to take a picture of his whole family. Without knowing the difficulty of assembling all family members Arun accepts the offer. He goes on a hunt and catch up with each one living in Bangalore related to Urs. Eldest daughter of Urs Sumithra husband is Bangalore Police commissioner. She has two daughters Geetha and Neetha. Firstly Arun finds the younger Neetha and way for him is clear to meet Geetha and her parents. It is in this process of meeting Geetha he falls in love and she considers Arun as best friend. Arun receives a jolt when he is about to express his love to Geetha. She asks him to mediate in her marriage with Dr.Santosh. Shattered Arun console to himself but somehow this issue of Arun’s love to Geetha comes to the notice of Urs. He wants Arun to be a part of his family but destiny does not permit that. Arun remains as a photographer keeping everyone happy in the family.

The role is tailor made for Ganesh. He wins the heart in every frame. The jolly go role, dialogues and his style is convincing. The major share of honor also goes to versatile actor Ananthnag for his cool and composed performance. Roma from Malayalam is attractive and Tejaswini looks very beautiful on screen. Thara excel in a complete emotion role. Avinash has nothing much to do.

Three of the songs – Pathra Bareyalaa.., Kolle nannannu….nagu nagu…are well tuned and sung. In the song Nagu Nagu….Ganesh appears in Appu Raja, Joker, Raj Kapoor and Charlie Chaplin role.

Shekar Chandra is very in his camera work. The outdoor locations are very attractive on screen. He is sure to be in the competition for awards.

Cast:    Ganesh, Roma, Ananthnag
Direction:    Nagshekar
Production:    K.Manju

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