Amrutha Vaani


Banner: Chaturthi Creators
Cast: Radhika, Naveen Krishna and Ajay
Direction: B.R.Rajasekhar
Music: Manoranjan Prabhakar



Debutant director B.R.Rajasekhar showing great degree of skill and maintaining the interest of the family audience is admirable. He has that sense needed and his screenplay is very convincing. Without vulgarity, unwanted action scenes in the first venture Rajasekhar has come out in flying colors. In a social pattern of film like how E.Channagangappa did for his ‘Soundarya’, here Rajasekhar handles the film with swiftness and captivating moments on screen. He has the good support in acting, cinematography and music department.

This is no doubt a family entertainer. The script, screenplay narration and pleasant feeling the director maintains throughout the film are interesting factors to watch from a newcomer.

Hurt in life because of poverty Vishwas (Naveen Krishna) attempts to commit suicide. But in the nick of the time Samarth (Ajay) saves him the jaws of death. They are childhood friends and obviously the affluence of Samarth shift to Vishwas. Vishwas making good progress because of his friend is in love with Sumathi (Radhika) the same girl Samarth had admired at the Airport. Samarth is looking for this angel. He has even painted the beautiful eyes of his lady love which he shows it to Vishwas. As the fate has something in store the marriage is also fixed between Vishwas and Sumathi. Samarth swallows the pain to himself without disclosing it to Vishwas. Here on the first night Vishwas is not interested in physical contact with Sumathi because this is the only area in which he can wait till his friend Samarth get his lady love in life. But a few episodes of the newly wed couple in fact perturb the mind of Samarth. Without further taking pains he paint the photograph of his lady love and makes Vishwas to come and stand in front of it. Now Vishwas is in total shock because the girl his friend has liked he has married. Now the suspense and thrills for the audience further enhance on screen. Vishwas goes to the extent of asking his wife to get married to his friend Samarth. The psychic feeling Vishwas develops needs some treatment now. Sumathi agrees for the call made by her husband and she moves very closely with Samarth. This isimg167/6883/creatul7.jpg because she wants to bring the mindset of her husband in right order.
But the proceedings from here after are not what you would think. Sumathi has a twin sister settled abroad. To set right the situation without any mistake and to bring her husband in good mental condition she ropes her sister Amruthavani (Radhika again). In the climax the fact is revealed for Vishwas. Even the audience will also be guessing till this time questioning in their minds in different ways.

Both Naveen and Ajan have done well. They look handsome too. As a matter of fact Naveen Krishna scores more because he has variety to perform – the happy, dejection, psychic feeling, new mannerism etc. Both the handsome guys have danced very well with charming actress Radhika.

Three of the scorings of MP Naidu are sure to hit the charts. Sundarnath Suvarna has done excellent job in capturing the nature and interiors.

This is a film which you should not miss.

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