Language:        KANNADA
Genre:     Family, Romance
Director:     S.Mahender
Producer:     Ramu
Cast:     Murali,Sridevi,Anand,Nagasekhar,Ramakrishna,Jayanthi, Bhavya
Music:     S.A.Rajkumar



This is the remake of decade old Tamil film ‘Kadhalakku Maryadhai’. The net contents are very good. Accepted! But making it for the present scenario director Mahender should have used his common sense. This is a protracted love story. There are many unimportant and lethargic scenes needed the scissors. This type of subject is an easy task for senior director Mahender. Making it a copy cat without making interpretation is what not accepted.

For Sanju (Murali) and Mili (Sridevi) it is Love and Love Only. They are opposed by their parents at home. Mili’s three brothers have brought her up in life like a queen. On the other hand Sanju parent’s ultimate wish is to stay with them with hassle free life. When the opposition reaches peak Sanju and Mili escape. Thanks to their friends. In the village they are supported extremely by Doddanna. He even arrange for marriage of the two. A day before the marriageimg530/9444/preethigage1703072kn3.jpg both Sanju and Mili decide that they should oblige their parents. They decide to join them sacrificing their love. Back home they receive warm welcome. When Sanju’s mother decides to have a look at Mili and tender apology for her family members for what happened it is an emotion filled atmosphere between the two families. Spontaneously both the family heads agree for match. Detached lovers feel happy for this attachment. For the respect to elders shown by youngsters the elders give back the affection in a fitting style.

Murali has to rethink on his career. There is nothing new for him. He is repeating the mistake of accepting pale subjects. This film is just an increase in number of films in his career and increasing a few lakhs of bank balance. Murali in the thick of competition has to be very careful in selection of his roles. Sridevi looks like a butter scotch ice cream. She is soft and steady throughout. Bhavya, Jayanthi, Avinash, Ramakrishna, Shobaraj are good in their roles.

There is no good exercise from music director S.A.Rajkumar. Only one song is worth remembering. The highlight of the film is cameraman Chandru. He gives a visual treat capturing the nature’s beauty.

Worthy subject in an unworthy narration style!

Keep this as last option of your entertainment list.

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