Language:        TELUGU
Director:     Srinivas
Producer:     Krishna Reddy
Cast:     Navadeep, Ekta Khosla, Suman Setty, MS Narayana, Raghu Babu, Vadivukkarasi, Kavitha, Neeraja, Dharmavarapu, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav
Music:     Mani Sharma



Story: karthik(Navdeep) is a Good for nothing Village guy who hails from Dosakayapalli(Godavari District) and is been called as poramboku by every one in the village. He has only one Aim in his life that’s to become a hero in the telugu Film Industry. Chaitra (Ektha Khosla) comes to the village and she introduces herself as a TV reporter. They both fall in love. Karthik faces one Obstacle in becoming a Hero—Will he overcomes that and wins his love is what the Climax is about????
Performances: Navadeep suited well to the role. Navadeep is a talented actor but he is been wasted in all the films he portrayed. Ektha has done an Average job. Suman Shetty, Dharmavarapu are o.k. Neeraja has done a good job as hero’s caring sister. Venu Madhav and Brahmandam had a limited role. Ali’s comedy is a relief. The production values are good. The Dialogues by Ramesh-Gopi are good to some extent. The Music is pretty Average. The direction is half baked ,many scenes were not up to the mark.

Analysis: We have watched many such stories so far. If the Screenplay is gripping with interesting narration that could have made some difference. Navadeep hasn’t tasted success till date. This film is yet another disappointment. A talented and Promising Young actor has been wasted. The direction is pretty routine and immature. The comedy and entertainment is Average and that’s the only saving grace in the movie. Heroine Ektha(Ex-Miss India) has good figure but she is not a heroine material ,especially doesn’t suit to telugu cinema. You find half of the movie weeping and the other half laughingimg353/7222/posternq8.jpg ,—Yes you got right she knows only those two expressions. The first half is mediocre .The movie Starts up with flying colours but later it disappoints. The last 20 minutes tests Audience patience. Only a couple of Songs are good. When ever Mani scores Music for a Small cinema it turns out to be Disaster this movie joins that list. “Evevo Raagaley” is melodious and “Bangaaram Ayithey nee Andham” is a peppy Mass Number. Pace in the Narration and addition of some gripping Scenes could have made a Difference..

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