Arun Vijay goes for six-pack

Arun Vijay has developed six-pack for his forthcoming film, to be directed by Magizh Thirumeni of ‘Mundhinam Partheney’ fame, who is a former associate of Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Says the actor, “A photo shoot was conducted recently to decide on my physique in the movie. The character which I play in the film, required a lean muscular look for which I had undergone five months of vigorous training under a personal trainer, to bring out the six pack abs.”

He adds: “My workout regimen included three hours of training twice a day combined with a high protein diet. This look is simply to add on to my existing action image. I have also taken tips from a lot of popular international body builders’ books, to help me maintain this even during my film schedules wherein I would not be able to put in this many hours of training everyday.”

Adding more, he says, “The preliminary work for this script took the crew almost 5-6 months which I had made use of conveniently to prepare myself for the role. Though I have toned down physically for this movie, the looks for this character is still under contemplation.”

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