Asin’s new look for ‘Ready’

South Indian actress Asin extended her hand for luck in Bollywood and it was an overnight success with Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’. But her other movie ‘London Dreams’ produced by Vipul Shah didn’t work out best results for her. The same producer had plans of casting her in couple of movies and was reportedly taken back by the results of LD.

Thanks to Salman Khan as he rendered a great help for Asin to prove her adeptness through the movie ‘Ready’, a remake of Telugu movie with the same title. Asin has gone ahead making some changes in her looks with new hair style.

The major portions of the movie have been shot across Colombo, Mumbai and Thailand and are scheduled to hit screens on July 3.

Since the film has more prominence for Asin, the actress believes that she can make a big time in Bollywood with this movie.

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