Nitin, the blue-eyed boy of Telugu Cinema, was a first year college student when he was discovered by Teja, and there was no looking back. His Deepavali release, Hero, continues in Nitin’s tradition of typical masala movies. Drona will be his next release – the boyish matinee idol is making sure that one of his movies is released at least every three months. This would ensure that every time his film hits the 100-days mark, a new film will be released.

The story is mildly reminiscent of the Police Academy series which were released during the 1980s. The original series was of the comedy genre with mostly off-colour jokes. Nitin’s Hero is totally different.

Radha Krishnan (Nitin) is the useless son of Police Commissioner Nagendra Naidu (Nagababu). His mother (Kovai Sarala) spoils her son and defends his actions to the strict father. The State Home Minister (Babu Mohan) passes a G.O. to the effect that all people can join the police force, the only qualification being that they be scrupulously honest. Ramya Krishnan heads the police training academy. A host of candidates, including Radha Krishnan and Krishnaveni (Bhavana) join up. Nitin’s father convinces his wife that all the skills that go into making a ‘mass hero’ like martial arts are taught in the police training academy.

After several hilarious incidents which highlight the sheer ineptitude of some candidates (Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Babu Mohan, Ali and Narsing Yadav), a sinister murder takes place and the police trainees are shocked to learn that one among them is a dangerous naxalite on the run. What happens next is one stunt after another, with Radha Krishnan hot on the heels of the murderous naxalite.

Sporting a look similar to the one in Sye, he has risked his life to perform a daredevil stunt on a motorbike which is among the high points of the film. He’s got lots of tattoos, a new hairstyle and costumes. Nitin has done quite a good job though his character lacks depth.

Bhavana, the petite Mallu import, has done a very chirpy portrayal of a girl-next-door. Bubbly, fresh-faced and very frank, her role as an NRI girl is different from all her earlier roles. Here too, the character lacks emotional depth and is very one-dimensional.

Nagababu is his usual self, though his subtle references to his brother’s political party are becoming more frequent. Ramya Krishnan has a blink-and-you-miss-her cameo and Kapil Khanna as the hired assassin is very chic. Kota Srinivasa Rao’s villainous role is also very one dimensional. Brahmanandam, Satyam Rajesh, Tirupathi Prakash and Ali have given average performances. Tanu Roy sizzles in an item song – one of the movie’s highlights.

Taken in a very modern manner, the movie is a full-fledged entertainer, packed with the requisite fights, songs and including all the mass and action elements to cater to all sections of audiences. The director could have worked on the screenplay to make it a little more interesting. The other technical areas are just average with nothing innovative or extraordinary.

Hero is a film with passable technical and production values. The story first seems novel but soon turns into the mass action movie that is Nitin’s current trademark. New Great India Films has bought the theatrical and DV rights for Hero.

Director:GV (Sudhakar Naidu)
Producer:Manyam Ramesh
Music:Mani Sharma
Cast:Nitin, Bhavana, Nagendra Babu, Kovai Sarala, Ramya Krishna

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