Billa 2 latest updates

On one side, Thala fans across the globe are waiting for the audio and the film release of Mankatha directed by Venkat Prabhu. Meanwhile there is an update on his other project Billa 2. If observed one thing is commonly found between these two films, any guesses. The plot of both the films is based on don stories. Off course, Ajith will suit any role either a mass role or a student or a don…..

Here is something common between Billa-2 and James Cameron’s Avatar-2. The director of the film Chakri Toleti and cinematographer R.D. Rajashekar will be using EPIC Camera with 5K Resolution for shooting the film. Billa 2 will be the first Indian film to be shot using this High Resolution camera. It can be noted here that James Cameron is filming his Avatar-2 using the same camera. So now you are aware of what is common between Avatar 2 and Billa 2.

Director Chakri Toleti is currently busy with the pre production works and he even went on a trip to Hyderabad for location hunt.

So, shooting the film with EPIC Camera will surely add more international feel to the film.

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