Lover boy Golden star Ganesh with series of hits to his credit turns action hero from this ‘Bombaat’. His much loved dialogue is rather harsh in this film but he plays the role with lot of intelligence is what gives pleasant surprise to the audience. Instead of making it a full length action cinema director D.Rajendra Babu has efficiently drawn the screenplay with mother sentiment and responsibility of citizens. How the audience would take up the sudden change in the characterization of Ganesh? We have wait for some days to know the result.

The story of this film appears to have been lifted from various films is a war against muscle and influential on the one side and honest youngster with police support on the opponent side. The result is as expected.

Firstly it is taming of shrew kind of job for Anand (Ganesh). Shalini (Ramya) the foreign returned MBA graduate daughter of police commissioner (played by Avinash) on three occasions sees Anand in public places behaving like a rowdy. She wants him to be behind the bars and seeks her father’s help. Anand is put behind the bars only at the behest of Shalini but released soon. The police commissioner knows pretty well that Anand is a good guy. On all the three occasions he has helped the police in nabbing the culprits. So he had to trash criminals in the public place.

With such an introduction the director moves on to the camp of bad guys. Gajendra, Dasa, Adhi – all mischievous people are ruling the state from their power. The politicians and police are puppet in front of them. Adhi of the gruesome trio has fallen flat to police commissioner daughter Shalini and he wants to get married to her. In a rude and shocking style the police commissioner house is invaded by the trio for engagement of Shalini and Adhi. So far so good the turn of events is miserable for Shalini and her father.

The clever boy Anand strikes the mind of police commissioner and Shalini is brought to his house for one month of safe stay. Anand who is powerful in his muscles and brainy too accepts the offer of police commissioner. The trio follows Anand and a truce is worked out. Anand promises to send Shalini after one month and he makes the trio to believe him. In the one month time Anand makes some calculative moves and dislodge the unity in trio. The divide and rule policy he adopts works out because he has the police force behind him.

After uprooting everyone what is it the net result for Anand? He gets his mother wish of 14 years fulfilled. Anand’s father a treacherous rowdy has caused worries to the people. This is not liked by Anand’s mother. She goes for isolation only to return seeing her son in the law abiding police officer uniform.

Ganesh has been very quick in action scenes and lot of stunts he has done – on air for quite sometime thrill his fans. He is out from regular pattern of his six earlier quality box office films. He is too good in romance with lovely looking Ramya. Except romancing with Ganesh the talented Ramya has nothing much to do. While Vinayaprasad is close in a room to see her son as cop Ramya is also kept in room after she comes to Anand house.

Avinash is apt as Police Commissioner. Rahul Roy, Mukeshi Rish, Gurudutt, Adhi Lokesh add good support.

Music mantrik Mano Murthy gives two lovely tunes for which the lyrics are also well written. Shekar Chandru gives the pleasant treat for the eyes. The slow motion shot where Ganesh goes on the air with soda bottles surrounding him in the action scene is well captured.

Cast:    Ganesh, Ramya
Direction:    Rajendra Babu
Production:    Rockline Venkatesh
Music:    Mano Murthy

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