Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu

Here is a promising youngster, Aditya Babu the producer also of this film. With minor changes to Telugu film Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule director Veerashanker has very neatly handled the screenplay.

He knows how to hold the interest of the audience and take good performances from the artists. Especially in the second half, the twists and turns with lot of characters keep you engrossed. A good family entertainer from Aditya Arts has right proportion of a commercial cinema with a pleasant approach.

Shivu (Aditya Babu) the soft and handsome guy in the software company is working under Preethi (Ramya) as team leader. For him, Preethi is the key inspirer. When the computers in the office have crashed he is able to set it right, but he is unable to tell her about his feelings.

His proposal to Preethi not only insults him but also his father. Both father and son in dejected consume liquor like friends in the house and the next day Shivu has a shock. His father has dies in his sleep and he is left in lurch. He moves to his friend Harish’s wedding and obviously he is shocked to know that his friend is getting married to his lover Preethi.

Hesitantly in the village Shivu is on a sacrifice saga. He becomes a hot favorite of every member of the family and Preethi also adores Shivu at one point of time. Whether Preethi joins Shivu or not is the climax of this film narrated convincingly.

In his debut Aditya Babu has the right preparation and dubbing artist for his portion has given extra mileage. Other wise he has been quite impressive in romantic songs and in emotions he is too good. Ramya gives a splendid performance. She is very modern in the first half and traditional in the second half. Lokanath, Srinivasamurthy, Harish Raj have increased the status of the film with very natural performance.

Two fresh tunes of Gurukiran are very melodious. In four original tracks two songs are passable. Cinematography of H.C.Venu heightens up the quality of the film. The lighting in the village, steady blocks are very rare to find. Venu has shown his excellence.

Banner:    Aditya Arts MCL
Cast:    Aditya Babu, Divya, Loknath, Rangayam Raghu, Harish Raj, Pamesh Pandit,
Mande Ramesh, Naidu, Madhu Hedge, Satya, Melkote, Kirthi, Chitra Shenai, Malathi Sardeshpandy, Pakhee Hegde
Direction:    Veera Shanker
Music:    Gurukiran

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