Cast: Upendra, Deepika Padukone
Direction: Indrajith Lankesh
Production: Dr. Ramanjaneyalu, K.C.N.Kumar
Music: Rajesh Ramanath



‘Aishwarya’ has generated tremendous heat within and outside the industry not just because of the star cast and style alone but also the person seated on the director’s seat that makes ‘Aishwarya’ very special! It was considered as one of the biggest release of the year and the moviemakers have waited for the right time and right theaters.

Upendra and Deepika Padukone in film AishwaryaAishwarya is the story of Abhishek Hegde aka Abhi – an adman. Abhi is a misogynist (woman hater) who believes that women are the real problem in men’s life. Besides keeping distance from women, he even tries to pester some in his office. Aishwarya (Deepika Padukone) a charming and intelligent young lady joins his office duringimg370/9656/aishwarya06fj1.jpg the course. Abhi tries all possible tricks to kick her out of the office. Irritated Deepika decides to resign. But Abhi’s uncle convinces her that Abhi is not at all a bad guy but has a tragic background. Sympathized Aishwarya puts off her resignation and decides to continue there.

Meanwhile, both Abhi and Aishwarya get a chance to travel together to Europe on an assignment. Working together and refreshing environment brings them closer and they start to understand each other better. Just when Abhi feels that he is in love with her, Aishwarya reveals that she is already engaged. Abhi who was slowly overcoming his past tragedy, is shattered yet again. What happens to traumatized Abhi? You gotta watch the film!

Daisy Bopanna in film Aishwarya’Aishwarya’ is not a typical candyfloss entertainer. It takes you by surprise. It shocks you! It amazes you! It wows you! However, like his earlier movies, this time too other flicks have inspired director Indrajith Lankesh! The main story is inspired by Nagarjuna starrer Telugu flick ‘Manmathudu’ while the flashback sequences reminds you of ‘Ghajini’ (starring Surya). The film wins however for it’s screenplay and dialogues. Indrajith’s skilled directorial abilities take the film to a different level and he has skillfully blended both the stories together with a whiff of comedy. He balances style and substance beautifully.

Lead actor Upendra certainly looks better in his new avatar. He has done a good job in acting department too. Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous. But don’t expect much from her in terms of acting and body language. She has a long way to go. As the director expected, the real surprise package of the film is Daisy Bopanna! She has given an outstanding performance. Komal Kumar and Sadhu Kokila definitely make you splits. Rest of the supporting cast including Ramakrishna, Ramesh Bhat, Chitra Shenoy have contributed their bits.

img265/6595/posterrx8.jpgDeepika Padukone in film AishwaryaThe film is visually spectacular. Krishna Kumar ‘s cinematography is just awesome. It has been shot in Europe and the lensman has captured the scenic beauty and colors with gusto. Rajesh Ramanath has done a good job and given three peppy and youthful numbers in the form of ‘Manmatha Manmatha’, ‘Dhoni Dhoni’ and the title song ‘Aishwarya’. B A Madhu has written wonderful yet comical dialogues. A tighter editing would have sparkled the film further. The styling, production values and the marketing strategies of this filmmaker is something worth for others to follow.

In a nutshell, ‘Aishwarya’ is a film for the entire family and a good film from the writing, performance and execution stand point. Will have to wait and see whether it proves to be the money-spinner!

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