Hani Hani

Banner: V.C.R.Productions
Cast: Tarun, Pooja Gandhi, Rangayana Raghu, Lokanath, Jai Jagdeesh, C.R.Simha, Dattanna, Bhavya, Chitra Shenoy, Veena Sunder, Ramya Barne, Kishori Ballal, Vijayalakshmi
Direction: Sharan
Production: P.Veerakumar, N.Chandru, M.Raju, Azam
Music: S.Channa

Director Sharan working out strongly on the script has failed to give the speed for the film. This is a family film provided everyone has excess of time to watch. The script narration is like going to Chennai from Bangalore via Mumbai. So much of time he consumes to reach to the climax.

Rahul (Tarun) is an intelligent guy in the college. He has answer to every solution. When it comes to his own love problem he takes lot of time to solve it. He is in love with Ramya (Pooja Gandhi) but for marrying her he has to set right his house first. Rahul parents have separated from their parents twenty five years ago. Rahul reunite the broken families and then he forges ahead to the house of Ramya. He pretends to the inmates of Ramya that he has come from Shimoga in the absence of Ramya’s uncle Rangayana Raghu. In one week time he earns the confidence of everyone in the house. When Rahul express his wish to marry Ramya the strong objection comes from everyone in the family. But Rahul’s huge family meets this undivided family of Ramya to unite the lovers Ramya and Rahul.

Tarun has a good role to perform but his make up and costume is not in proper order. Pooja Gandhi has to immediately join an institute to cut down her weight. Uncle Lokanath has done a fine job as grand father. Jai Jagdeesh, Chira Shenoy, Bhavya are apt.

Two songs are melodious from debutant music director Chinnu. There is some excellent photography from M.R.Seenu.

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