Inthi Ninna Preethiya

Cast: Krishna, Bhavana, Sonu
Direction: Suri

Production: Suri

Music: Sadhu Kokila

The sick mind of director cum producer Suri of ‘Dhuniya’ fame has doled out a pathetic film this time. Suri is not even half a way through his debut film ‘Dhuniya’. This is a hopeless film. What is the intention of the director? If one is dejected in love he should go to bars, pubs and arrack shops to drink like ‘Devadas’? What is the extent the dejected youth can do? Throughout the cinema with an exception to a few reels? Suri is absolutely wrong. Instead of constructing or delivering something good from the film he has destroyed the atmosphere. He lacks social responsibility.

Rajeev (Krishna) a good student in painting hails from a decent family. His brother is a lecturer in a college. He has the affection of mother from his sister in law. He has the love and affection from family and good progressive profession. He is in love with cantankerous girl Namana (Sonu) but this will not long last. Namana’s brother and Rajeev are friends. The friend is irked when he comes to know that his friend Rajeev has fallen in love with his sister. The intention of marriage between Namana and Rajeev breaks down. Rajeev instead of enjoying the cream of profession and good family atmosphere becomes ‘Daasa’ to liquor like Devadas. He becomes sick by drinking day and night. At this time he loses his uncle Seenappa another dejected orphan body disposer. The number of times Rajeev gulps the pegs and falls like condemned dog on the streets astonishes his brother. He beats him up and decides that marriage is the only solution to set right his brother. Even on marriage night Rajeev drinks half bottle of liquor and asks his wife to bring pickles. Rajeev married to Parimala (Bhavana) is blessed with a female kid. Rajeev does not graduate to become a decent person in the society. He is a non stop drinker. He lifts the finger ring and chain of his own child and gives it to bar owner to fill his tummy with pegs. The realization comes to Rajeev in the last reel when his wife Parimala dies of electrocution and child in the singing competition says that her father drinks juice every day. Dr.SPB heading the singing competition makes humble request to protect the brilliant child future.

Krishna alias Kitty looks good, has perfect build, able to act and fight well but he has picked a wrong film. It is disgusting to watch him in inebriated mood on screen. Sonu has good future. Is she going to fill the gap of dearth of heroines in Kannada we have to wait and watch! Bhavana gives some delectable moments. She is too good in crying scenes and also in romantic scenes. Rangayana Raghu is not utilized properly in this film. No one can imagine there is no dialogue for Rangayana Raghu his main trump card in this film. Kishore has given a chilling performance. The cute little kid Prarthana is wonderful.

The redeeming features of this film are cinematography by Satya Hegde and Sadhu Kokila’s music. Some of the frames of Satya Hegde are glorious on screen. There are three lilting tunes from Sadhu Kokila. This is of course his best film music.

Suri should have applied scissors to his ‘bar session’ on screen. Secondly he should write a good story.

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