Masth Maja Madi

Cinema should be a medium to entertain and to give relief from the hustle & bustle of life is what producer Soundarya Jagadish strongly believes and gives a wholesome family entertainer with ‘Masth Maja Madi’, a remake of ‘Dhamal’. What is interesting is that the selection of right artists, colorful canvas, fine piece of cinematography and peppy music has all come together in this film which is worth every penny that you pay to buy the ticket.

It is the fun loving youths Vijaya Raghavendra, Komal Kumar dumb Nagkiran and Diganth sent out from the college campus indulging in a series of mischievous activities after knowing the secret of Rs.30 crores from a chit fund proprietor who dies in an accident. The foursome is chased by a cop Prathap (Sudeep) and that gives room for the illegal ideas to creep into their minds which shocks the cop, who is struggling for a promotion. A deal gets finalized as 60 percent for the youths and 40 percent for the cop and they set out behind the money in Ooty.

On their way they get separated but rejoin at the specified place and time. The journey they undertake and the people they come across evoke humor. Finally when they find the money and divide it too they are stunned when they are found on the stage in a blind school function. Looking at the huge amount in the hands of these looters the announcer presumes that they have come to donate. When they look at the pathetic condition of youths they realize and dump the money in the donation box.

Sudeep has fire in his role and he is cool in his portions. Komal Kumar is the main screen stealer in this film. His timing is perfect. Vijaya Raghavendra, Diganth and Nagkiran keeping aside their image of a hero, have done an excellent job in this film. Jennifer Kotwal looks pretty in the Chori Chori song. In the sundry roles Rangayana Raghu, Sihikahi Chandru, Bullet Prakash, Tennis Krishna, Umasri are very convincing.

Three of this film songs are foot tapping. The title song, Chori Chori….and Shakalaka Boom…..are well captured by cameraman MR Seenu, Upendra with twelve heroines in a song and Master Snehith Jagadish entry is plausible and enchating.

Cast:    Sudeep, Vijaya Ragavendra, Diganth,
Nag Kiran, Komalkumar, Jennifer Kotwal
Direction:    Anantharaju
Production:    Soundarya Jagadish
Music:    Balaji

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