Hindi version of Rajni’s ‘Baasha’ to release soon

Superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘Baasha’, which released in the mid-nineties and ran to packed houses for more than 150 days, was a trend-setter for Tamil movies in more ways than one. The film almost ‘sanctioned’ the anti-hero theme wherein the hero was ‘allowed’ to indulge in all sorts of violent things in the name rendering justice to the society.

Badrakali Films has now come forward to dub the film into Hindi and release it in the all-India market. Though many films starring different heroes released post-‘Baasha’ with the anti-hero theme, none of them managed to even come near the colossal success that Rajni’s ‘Baasha’ witnessed at the box-office.

Even today, ‘Baasha’ is watched with avid interest by movie-goers and Rajni’s fans. In the past, the film had been dubbed in Telugu and Kannada and even the remake was attempted in these languages, though they weren’t as successful as ‘Baasha’. For the first time, though, the film is going to be dubbed into Hindi.

The Tamil version of ‘Baasha’ would be fine-tuned using the state-of-the art technological facilities. Besides, a separate ‘audio launch’ is also planned to be held in which superstar Rajnikanth has consented to be the chief guest!

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