Jennifer Kotwal’s risk-taking pays off

BANGALORE: Jennifer Kotwal, the bubbly actress South Indian films and television commercials, has had both success and failure in her career. She believes that it is not the hero or the director, but the script that ensures the success of a film.

The most important ingredient for a film to work is its script, and that is evident from Jennifer Kotwal’s latest release ‘Huli’. With villain-turned-hero Kishore as the male lead, other heroines were hesitant about starring with him.

But Jennifer Kotwal didn’t let that deter her.

The actress is jubilant about the positive response. She plays a bubbly journalist in the film. Jennifer says that she is not bothered by the fact that she ends up playing the same kind of role over and over again.

She says that she will never shed her bubbly image because that will mean a cut in her huge fan list.

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