Nayanthara will be missed: Upendra

As the post production of the untitled film with only a symbol as title has been progressing fast, Upendra who has so far not revealed anything about the film has many things to tell about his heroine Nayantara.

The media and fans have been describing this film as `Super`, but Upendra insists that he had not announced the title yet.

As Uppi is busy with the final editing of the film which is slated for release during the Deepavali Holidays, he has realised one thing. That his heroine who has acted in her first Kannada film will be missed by the entire industry henceforth. Incidentally, the film will be dubbed into Telugu and Tamil and will be released later.

“Nayantara will be missed by the industry, if at all she sticks on to the decision of quitting movies after marriage. Nayan is one of the most professional actress in the industry. I have never seen an actress who is so focused on acting and performance,” says Upendra. He also says Nayan’s performance will also be one of the major highlights of the film.

`Super` for which the actor himself has taken the mantle of direction after a gap of ten years may well be the last film for its heroine Nayanthara. Nayan has not signed any films after `Super`. Nayanthara’s last Tamil film Boss Engira Bhaskaran has already been received well. Her much awaited Malayalam film Electra is set to be released shortly. `Super` which is in the final stages of production is all set to be released in November.

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