Neen Yare

At the fag end of the year there is some respite for Kannada filmdom. A young director Sindesh has left strong hopes to become a highly talented technician in the coming years. In his debut ‘Neenyare’ he has given the gripping narration, fabulous cinematography, tolerable acting and very melodious songs. If the editing was a bit more crisp, this would have been better. The dialogues and art direction are the other two areas get noticed in ‘Neenyaare’.

It is the hallucination of protagonist Soorya (Suraj) that keeps gripping moments till the climax of the film. Soorya has a very affectionate admirer Sinchana (Sambrama) from a quite long time but she is elusive.

Visible only to Suraj is what brings him problems. Meanwhile Soorya grown under the tutelage of a couple (Sharat Babu and Thulasi), has one more lover in Megha which he is not aware. The elusive standards of Sinchana doubt the credibility of Soorya and he is given a ring by Swamiji so that he is not disturbed by any forces. Soorja on the death of his trusted Sharat Babu to bring in good atmosphere in the house agrees for the match with Megha.

On the engagement day when ring has to be exchanged, Soorya pulls out the ring given by Swamiji and to his surprise Sinchana appears in front of his eyes. No one except Soorya knows with whom he is talking to. Sinchana looking at the marriage set for Soorya leaves once for all but she is the first choice of Soorya in his heart.

The mixing of songs, comedy and sentiments in this story is interesting but length should have been pruned. Sindesh heading the many responsibilities shows good promises as the captain of the film. He has kept himself away from violence and vulgarity.

Sooraja who debut in ‘Shivani’ early this year has given a punching and poised performance. He is good in action and romantic scenes. Ramya Barne looks very fresh and Sambrama has a long career ahead. Thulasi Shivamani and Sharat Babu lend good support in the supporting cast. Vishwa and Pawan add the required sidekicks very often.

This is the 100th film music direction of V.Manohar. There are three lilting tunes that very meaningful and well shot by cameraman Vishnuvardhana. The long time cameraman assistant Vishnuvardhana is noticed from this film ‘Neenyare’ for his excellent capturing of locations – the hills, greenery, mist and cloud plus the drizzle give a pleasant feel to the eyes.

Cast:    Sooraj, Ramya Barne, Sambrama, Megashri,
Sharat Babu, Thulasi Shivamani, Vishwa, Pawan
Direction:    Sindesh

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