Nitya Menon Exclusive interview

The Siddharth, Nitya Menon, Priya Anand starrer 180 is all set for release on Friday, June 25.

On the eve of the big day, its heroine Nitya Menon shared her experience on the sets of the film in Hyderabad.

What is your role in 180?
I play a journalist. It is interesting. The scenes between me and Siddharth and of our first encounter is great.

How was it working with your co-star Priya Anand?

We don`t have common scenes in the film. Her character is set in the US and mine in India. And we did not meet each other.

Could you describe your role?

I work as a photo-journalist for the print media. Other than that, I don`t know much about journalism, though I was a student of journalism in real life.

How about dubbing?

I did it myself for both the Telugu and Tamil versions. After my debut film Ala Modalaindhi, I learnt Telugu fairly well.

As I know Tamil well, it was not difficult.

Which is your favourite industry? Telugu or Tamil?

I don`t really stick to any particular language. There will always be pluses and minuses. I believe in going on as an artiste above the barriers of language.

Some people compare you with Soundarya. How do you feel about it?

I know that Soundarya commands high respect in the industry. I really feel great when I am compared to her.

Is it true that you rejected an offer with Venkatesh?

There is a lot of difference between me and Venkatesh as far as height goes. Recently, I saw him at the CCL match series in Benguluru. He looks tall and is smarter than the young heroes.

I strongly felt that my height doesn`t permit me to star opposite him. Again, I am younger to him.

Will it be okay with Prabhas?

Who is Prabhas? I don`t know who he is. (After a gap, annoyed…) I don`t see Telugu films much. I saw Magadheera and after that my debut film Ala Modalaindhi. As I don`t see Telugu films, I don`t know about all the actors.

How did you get into films?

There was no planning involved. When I was a journalism student, I very much liked wildlife photography. I like traveling and spending time with kids.

There is none from my family who has any connection with the film industry. I think it is God who introduced me to the industry.

I have not had any training in the field. I believe that acting should come to one naturally. I am also a good singer, though I had no training in this field either.

Any other plans other than acting?

Definitely, a day will come when I would completely change my present lifestyle. I want to tour the world.

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