No time for love: Kajal Aggarwal

The Telugu actress Kajal says that she has absolutely no time to fall in love as she is busy with her films.

“Gone are the days when people used to enquire about the studies, now they go on about how many episodes of love that they have run. The development is such that the girls after attaining certain age have to fall in love, which otherwise they will be treated as backbenchers. But, in my case, I am absolutely timeless about romance.” said Kajal.

“I give a lot of importance to love. It is a not a thing to achieve in hurry. I hold handful of projects.  From dawn to dusk, I will be busy shooting. Next, rest is most-sought-after thing for me. Where is the time for love? I also don’t agree with those who say age has nothing to do with love. Love that crops up between two hearts during the youth is more of infatuation, Kajal maintained.

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