Rakhi Sawant To Act With Hollywood Star Russell Crowe

Queen of controversies, Rakhi Sawant, now has a new formula to make headlines. The sex symbol is believed to have received a film offer from Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe. Strangely enough Rakhi declined the offer as the script demanded intimate lovemaking scenes and she was not comfortable enacting them!

Talking to a daily, Rakhi said, “Mujhe do offers aaye thay (I had received a couple of offers), but just because of my broken English, and the bed scenes and smooch scenes involved, I have refused the movies.”

Surprisingly, the nautanki queen had reservations going bold on screen.

“They wanted me to do sex scenes. ‘Gladiator’ ke hero Russell Crowe ke saath movie thi. They wanted me to wear a two-piece, but I was not comfortable with it. I am even okay doing a pole dance, but not smooching scenes,” Rakhi added.

Incidentally, Rakhi is essaying the role of a sex teacher in her latest film titled ‘Qasam Se Qasam Se’.

Explaining her role in the film, Rakhi said, “In my new movie, I am playing the role of a very hot sex teacher. I have come from NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation), abroad se main aayi hoon. India mein colleges mein I am teaching about the body, and sex, etc.

This is a big message that I am giving to the kids. It is also important to tell them about safety. That is my message through the movie. It`s a `22 crore ki picture – bahut badi movie hai.”

Now we know why Rakhi is the ultimate drama Queen!

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