Ramya ready to quit Kannada films

BANGALORE: Namma Ramya, known as one of the bold and tough heroines of Sandalwood, became emotional while attending a promotional programme of her pet movie ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’ that mounted the sets two years ago and is set to hit the silver screen on April 1.

Last week, she missed the audio launch of her latest movie ‘Dhandam Dashagunam’ because she was busy buying furniture for her house.

Many people were in for a surprise to see Ramya attending a programme at Green House, situated behind Tribhuvan theatre, which she generally avoids. Director Naga Shekhar showered Ramya with praises, recalling how the actress not only attended the shooting with utmost dedication but also extended a helping hand whenever there was a financial crisis, to continue the shooting of that movie. He advised the media not to ask Ramya queries that were not connected with ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’.

As soon as the director handed over the microphone to Ramya, the latter stated that she would not like to talk ill of others. “As far as the issue with producer Ganesh is concerned, Ambareesh uncle has promised to solve it. So, I don’t want to discuss it,” said Ramya.

She suddenly started blaming some people in the Kannada film industry for making her life miserable. “They described me as a traitor of Kannada. How can they talk like this about a girl? I am fed up with criticism. No one had contacted me. You and other people might succeed in making me leave Sandalwood but you will not be able to separate me from my friends,” declared Ramya, while trying to control her emotion.

She said that ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’ would be her last Kannada film. Coming down heavily on those who spread rumours about her engagement with a person, she said that there is no truth in it. “He is a married person. He has a wife and two kids. How can I marry him? You should have contacted me for clarification,” she said. But it left the media persons who made several futile attempts to contact her during the last two days, wonder whether they dialled the right number.

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