Ravi Shastri


Banner: Sandesh combines
Cast: Ravichandran,Sneha,Ananthnag, Doddanna, Lokanath, Vinayaprakash, Umasri, Karibasavaiah, Mandya Ramesh, Shanker Ashwath and others
Direction: M.S.Rajeshekhar,M.R.Raghavendra
Production: Sandesh Nagaraj
Music: Rajesh Ramanath



‘Ravi Shastri’ is a Kannada remake of K.Bhagyaraj classic ‘Idhu Namma Aal’. In fact, the Kannada version is nothing less than a copycat of the original Tamil version. However, director M.S.Rajeshekhar has made a grave mistake by not working on providing Kannada nativity to the film.img396/2273/snehayh7.jpg

Ravi Shastri (Ravichandran) is a graduate from a lower caste barber community. He pretends to be a Brahmin and put on the sacred thread in order to earn money for his mother’s eye operation. People of the Brahmin community like his personality and offer him a job in a temple. Thus, he gets Rs.25000 from Narayana Dixit. At this juncture, Narayana Dixit’s daughter Bhanu (Sneha) falls in love with him. They forced him into marriage with Banu. But the truth about his identity comes out very soon. This makes Narayana Dixit not to let him touch his daughter. The rest of the film is on how he saves both the father and the daughter, thus making religion bow before humanity.

Ravichandran’s performance is good as usual. It is heroine ofimg396/1811/ravi0710061cd4.jpg the film Sneha who has stolen all the limelight with her splendid show. Other actors like Ananthnag, Umashri, Doddanna and Karibasavaiah have all given justice to their roles. Rajesh Ramanath’s music is fine.

On the whole, the film would have been much better if changes are made from the original version. It is in fact an insult to both Brahmin and lower caste community.

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