Making this film is a great blunder indeed. Without studying the ability of director Srinivasaraju and not grooming the hero to suit the silver screen a hasty attempt has been made by producer Smt.Pushpa Byregowda. Debutant actor Chetan, son of the producer should have given a thought once again whether to appear on big screen or not. The advice is that it is not ripe time for him and he has no qualities except the ability to do action scenes.

The whole film is a big bore with an exception to a few lovely tunes and a few action scenes catching the attention. Director Srinivasaraju is a novice. He should have taken advice for his script and narration from a cross section of people when he is handling the debut film for him and for the debut of producer son Chetan. The overconfidence of the director should not burn crores of rupees of the producer.

Prem is clean bowled to the beauty of Aishwarya. This is just before the interval point and till then the director has wasted without telling anything worthwhile. Aishwarya is engaged as her studies are nearing completion. Like a fool in the art class of Aishwarya, it is Prem who dash in to express his love to get a slap on his face. Aishwarya cannot go back on her father the famous underworld don verdict. But the gutsy youth Prem gets inside the den of the underworld don and throws a challenge to Aishwarya. Accordingly, Aishwarya is supposed to live Prem’s house for ten days so that he can make her fall in love with him. The don father Girish Karnad likes the attitude of Prem and he permits his daughter to ahead with the challenge. The don is confident that his daughter would not ditch him loving an ordinary guy.

Nothing happens in the 10 days stay of Aishwarya in the house of Prem. Aishwarya gets lovely affection and she is guarded well but that is not what Prem was looking for. He is not making any attempt either to express his love is another area of lack of substance. Back in her father’s house Aishwarya agrees for the marriage arranged according to the choice of her father. But a friend of Prem gives a lesson to Aishwarya as to how much he (Prem) loves her. It is a battle ground set by Don Girish Karnad to finish off Prem where his daughter comes running from the Kalyan Mantap to accept Prem as her life partner. A ridiculously foolish experiment will be the words from your lips when you come out of the theatre yawning big!

Chetan has to change a lot to suit the film career. As of now, he has the huge empire of his father’s business to look after and that should be a good selection for him. The hairstyle looks, acting and dialogue delivery deserves to be better for Chetan. The second heroine Pratiksha Shetty is better than the first heroine Aishwarya Ajit. Vinayaprakash has given a pleasant performance. Girish Karnad and Srinath’s efforts have been wasted like the other elements of the movie. Action scenes have been composed well and editing by Suresh Urs is tolerable.

Veteran of national repute Hamsalekha has given only two lovely tunes that are very good on screen from the cinematography of Dathu.

Banner:    Bhavya Cine Creations
Cast:    Chetan, Aishwarya Ajith, Prateeksha, Girish Karnad, Sudha Belawadi,
Vinayaprakash, Kishore, Hari, Naveen, Mahesh, Amrutha
Direction:    Srinivasa Raju
Production:    Pushpa Byregowda
Music:    Hamsalekha

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