Language: KANNADA
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: S.Murali Mohan
Producer: Srikkanth, Vijayakumar
Cast: Shivaraj Kumar,Arathi Chabria, Sree Devika, Sangliana
Music: Guru Kiran
Santha is another movie based on the Bangalore underworld after the recently released Masti. Shivrajkumar, who appears here in different shades of life, has given a powerful performance.

A young villager Santha (Shivrajkumar) works and tries every possible means of earning to get his mentally retarded sisters recovered soon. He loves the girl next door; Lakshmi (Sridevika). He movesimg517/9836/santa2hi6.jpg to Bangalore and works as a taxi driver. The innocent taxi driver in Bangalore is caught in a false case of a land mafia. Despite his claims of being ignorant of the case, and that he is not the culprit; he is termed as a rowdy by the police. This results him being left all alone, as his mother and sisters are not ready to see him involved in a mafia racket. This forces him to take up arms and he forms his own underworld group. Soon, he becomes one of the top gang leaders. This enrages Naga, another underworld Don. Santha also fights against the bad men with the intention to help society. The rivalry between the groups of Santha and Naga becomes a major trouble for the police. Seeing Santha’s bravery, a medical college student, Ramya (Arathi Chabria) falls in love with him. The Police Commissioner tells Ramya to ask Santha to surrender himself to the police. Will he surrender to the police?

Shivrajkumar has given an outstanding performance. Former super cop H.T. Sangliana, who is now a sitting Member of Parliament, is img183/9745/untitled111ja4.jpgwonderful as the Police Commissioner. Both Sridevika and Arathi Chabria have done their jobs well. The movie does not have a different story but the narration is good and in a few scenes it is very effective. Shivrajkumar shines in his emotional sequences. Cinematography by C.S.V. Seetharam adds to the natural effects. Music by Guru Kiran is also good.

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