Language: KANNADA
Director: Sanjay
Producer: B.G.Babu Reddy
Cast: Comedy time Ganesh,Rekha
Music: Jassi Gift



It may be a big joke if the director of this film “Hudugaata’ claims credit for the story. And even the screen play. As this film is certainly based on Raj Kapoor’s “Chori Chori’ made in the fifties and Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Dil Hai Ki Mantha Nahin’.

‘Hudugaata’ got a big opening mainly because of the popularity of Ganesh after the blockbuster ‘Mungaru Male’. The movie stands up to the expectations with good performances by the hero and excellent cinematography. The songs “Stylo, Stylo’ and “Mandaakiniye’ is shot brilliantly.

Yes, it has to be admitted that every film can not be a “Mungaru Male’. And “Hudugaata’ which was essentially publicized as a fun film can not qualify to become another trend setter film. But it is also a fact that Sanjay’s weak narration and his eagerness to follow the pattern of characterization found in Bhat’s films have marred the film of its beauty. And unfortunately, Rekha does not fill the bill as the heroine perfectly. She is too stylized and stereotyped in her role. And Sanjay who has worked hard in presenting the songs of the film has not cared to take the same interest even in some crucial sequences of the film. There is no rip roaring laughter in the theatres except for some wows in the song sequences of the film.

Ganesh is a lazy journalist who has been assigned to interview a sports personality in Kanyakumari. He boards a bus where he accidentally meets Rekha in a Burkha. After many incidents he comes to know that Rekha has fled her house to marry Rahul, a sportsman. What happens in this long journey in unraveled in the sequences to follow where Ganesh finds that Rekha is being followed by a group of funny investigators and a rowdy gang. In the process of saving the girl, he falls for her. And Ganesh gets the support of the girl’s father to finally tie the knot to Rekha.

Ganesh is in his elements in the film. His dialogue delivery is sure to please his fans. And he looks absolutely fantastic in the dance sequences. But Rekha is a minus point in the film. Komal’s comedy will certainly evoke laughter, but villain Shobharaj’s transition to comedy has not been perfectly utilized by the director. A talented actor like Avinash is made to copy the antics of Anupam Kher in “Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin’.

Sathya Hegde’s camera work is top class, but Jessie Gift’s music is a mixed bag. . He has copied his own tunes in the two songs of the film “Stylo Stylo’ and “Mandaakiniye’ (copied from “Lajjavatiye’ song in the Malayalam film “4 the People’).

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